Call Monarch HealthcareWhen you should call Monarch Healthcare If you are experiencing a problem with any of the following symptoms or anything that you cannot explain, please call the office.


Abdominal pain and cramping could possibly be a sign of labor. Report any rhythmic contractions or pains that occur more than five times in an hour prior to your 36th week. Report contractions that occur five minutes apart for an hour if this is your first pregnancy or ten minutes apart if you have delivered a baby before and you are more than 36 weeks. If you experience persistent abdominal pain, call to discuss with your health care provider.


Once you have felt your baby moving (this usually occurs at about 18 weeks), you should continue to feel movements on a daily basis. Most babies develop a schedule of predictable movement. If you notice a decrease or lack of movement, get something to eat and then lie down on your left side. You may also push on your belly and get the baby to move. Pay close attention to your body and make note of any fetal movement, a kick, a swish, or roll. Do not count hiccups or small flutters. Record the time you feel the 10th movement. You should feel 10 fetal movements within 2 hours, (2) it takes longer and longer for your baby to move 10 times, or (3) you have not felt the baby move all day. FEVER A temperature over 100.5°F that cannot be easily explained by cold or flu symptoms needs to be reported to us. Make note of any associated symptoms. Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. You may take Tylenol to bring down your fever once you have spoken to your heath care provider.


Throughout pregnancy, nausea and vomiting may be associated with being pregnant. It could be also associated with problems arising in pregnancy that require medical attention. If you are unable to keep any liquids down, have dry mouth, or note a decrease in urinary frequency and/or volume, call us immediately. Eat small, frequent meals as it may offer some relief for problematic nausea and vomiting.


If you experience an unusual form of headache or visual changes, especially if you are more than 24 weeks, call the office immediately.


In early pregnancy, any bleeding should be reports to us. IF you note light bleeding or spotting after physical activity or sexual intercourse, lie down and observe for 15-20 minutes. If the bleeding /spotting stops and the baby’s movements are normal, take it easy for the next 24 hours. Any further bleeding or cramping should be reported to us. If you are near your due date, light bleeding/spotting may follow an exam in the office or sexual activity. This bleeding should never be as heavy as a menstrual period. If you experience any heavy bleeding at any time, call us.


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