Testing During Pregnancy

Test                                                     When                                                            Purpose

        Routine Physical Exam                        First Prenatal Visit                                Screening test to determine the
status of pregnancy any risk
factors, and help make plans for
prenatal care. Blood tests done
are blood type, blood count and
state required tests to screen
for infection: hepatitis, rubella,
syphilis, Chlamydia and
gonorrhea. Optional tests-HIV
and cystic brosis screening.

              Quad Screen                                        15-20 weeks                                         Optional screening test that
may detect increased risk for
open neural tube defects and
Trisomy 18, 21.

Gestational Diabetes Screen               24-28 weeks                 Screening test for asymptomatic diabetes

and anemia pregnancy.

Antibody screen & Rhogam injection                 28 weeks                        To screen and prevent RH sensitization.
RH negative patients only

Group B Strep Culture                                  35-37 weeks                              To screen for Group B strep,
carried in the vaginal/rectal
area,so that preventative
antibiotic therapy can be
administered in laborz.

Testing during pregnancyULTRASOUND TESTING

Routine screening ultrasounds will be performed at 19-21 weeks. This allows us to conrm your due date, look at the baby’s major organs and also determine the sex of the baby if desired. Additional ultrasounds and other testing may be recommended as individually indicated.


Cellfree DNA Testing
Sequential Screen Information


Testing during pregnancy

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