Bladder Testing

The inability to control the release of urine from your bladder is an issue that affects many women. As there are several urinal incontinence issues which are treated in different ways, Monarch Healthcare provides bladder testing to determine the type of incontinence and the best possible treatment for it.

Bladder testing, or urodynamics, measures how your bladder and urethra are functioning, and to which level they are storing and releasing urine properly. This type of testing is the most precise and is the best tool in determining the type of urinal incontinence you may have.

Through a group of tests, urodynamics examines the ability of your bladder to fill and empty progressively and completely. It also determines if your bladder is exhibiting any abnormal contractions which can cause an uncontrollable urine leak.

Monarch Healthcare uses sophisticated instruments to perform the tests to get the most precise results possible. The tests included in urodynamics are among others: uroflowmetry, postvoid residual, and cystometry.

Uroflowmetry allows our expert doctors to determine the peak flow rate and the time that was needed to achieve it. In the case of a weak bladder muscle, the test will come back abnormal. Postvoid residual measures the urine left in your bladder immediately after urination. Cystometry helps determine the amount of urine your bladder can hold, the pressure that builds up as it fills, and the point it starts to give you the urge to urinate.

Urinal inconsistencies are treatable and can save a lot of stress and embarrassment. The best way to determine the type, and to start the necessary treatment, is to come to our office for bladder testing.

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