Questions to ask when your baby is 5 to 7 days old.  Womens health care patient forms

If you answer a question in the right-hand column, give one of EIRMC’s Lactation Consultants a call 529-7171.


1. Have you  noticed an increase in your milk supply?

2. Is your baby able to latch to your breast with a full wide mouth?

3. Do you hear your baby swallow for at least 10 minutes?

4. Does your baby let you know when he/she is hungry? (answer NO if you have to wake your baby for most feedings)

5. Does your baby nurse about every 2-3 hours?

6. Do your breasts feel full before feedings?

7. Do your breasts feel soft after feedings?

8.  Are your nipples so sore that you dread breastfeeding?

9. Is your baby having bowel movements that are soft, yellow, and with small curds?

10. Is your baby having at least 4 poops in 24 hours?

11. Is your baby having 6-8 wet diapers in 24 hours?

12. Does your baby seem hungry (more than comfort nursing) after most feedings?

(Is she/he fussy, want to suck vigorously soon after most feedings?)

13. Do you have sore or tender areas of your breast that are firm or red?

14. Are you able to rest, relax and enjoy the moments while your baby breastfeeds?

Going Well












8 NO



10 YES


11 YES


12 NO



13 NO

14 YES

Seek Help

1 NO


2 NO

3 NO


4 NO


5 NO


6 NO

7 NO



9 NO

10 NO


11 NO


12 YES



13 YES

14 NO


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