Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss-style story. If Dr. Seuss wrote a book about pregnancy, it would be some what like this.

I recently stumbled upon this Dr. Seuss style explanation of Pregnancy and love it.Pregnancy

“What is a Womb?

Well a womb is a room

A womb is a room

Where a kid”ll be soon

A womb is all squishy

All moist and magenta

And if there’s a kid

Then its full of placenta

But the kid must be small,

If there’s one there at all

Just the size of a bean

Or the size of a ball

When the kid gets too big

Then its time to get out

When it happens to you

You will probably shout

You will shout, you will yell

You will roll on the floor

Cos the kid must come out

Of a very small door.”


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