What is an EOB?

  1. An EOB is never a bill. It’s an explanation. Blue Cross doctor idaho falls
  2. The name of the person who received the service.
  3. This is who billed the service. Remember, some providers bill their own services, while others use a billing service.
  4. The amount your provider billed.
  5. The amount you saved by using an in-network provider. You do not have to pay this amount.
  6. The amount we have paid to you or your provider.
  7. The amount that needs to be paid to your provider. Remember, this isn’t your bill.
  8. The amount of the deductible that has been met for this patient as of the date of this statement.
  9. Detailed information for each claim shown in the EOB.
  10. This explains the action we took on this claim, including if we still need information or action from you.
  11. The have a right to appeal the coverage decisions we make. This section (on the back of the EOB) tells you how.

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Download a .pdf copy of this EOB Explanation

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