7 Healthy Meals In 5 Minutes

healthy meals

After work we find it difficult to spend hours cooking. Here are some easy, nutritious and delicious meals which you can just mix up and you are ready to go.

Eggs + Spinach + Beans

The perfect combination of protein and essential nutrients and are very easy to whip up.

Black Beans + Broccoli + Brown Rice

Put them all in pan add a little olive oil and some herbs, and you have healthy and delicious dinner in matter of minutes.

Waffle + Peanut Butter + Blueberries

Whole grain waffle, topped with peanut butter and put on some blueberries.

Fish + Carrots + Green Beans

This is super-quick fish and veggies dish.

Tomato + Basil + Mozzarella

This combination can make delicious sandwich with whole wheat bread or with a bit of olive oil for a Caprese salad.

Lettuce + Avocado + Grilled Chicken

It can make a delicious salad, just toss them together or wrap up the avocado and  chicken into the lettuce leaf.

Wrap + Deli Meat + Romaine

Mix deli turkey or chicken and some salad greens and there’s a quick, healthy and delicious wrap is ready.

Article Source: Women’s Health

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