Megan Donnelly, Registered Dietitian

Megan Donnelly is the mother of two beautiful girls. She is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Lactation Consultant. She received her bachelor’s in psychology from Southern Utah University and then went on to further her education with a degree in Nutrition from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After completing her degree, Megan has continued on her journey of nutritional education, with an increasing appreciation for the influence diet and whole-food cooking have on creating optimal health.

She currently works at Monarch Healthcare helping mothers with gestational diabetes and teaches plant-based cooking classes through the company Eat Better Feel Better. She believes optimal health requires more than knowing information about food; it involves building a life focused on nourishing our bodies every day. Megan truly believes that disease starts on a cellular level and if we can feed our cells with the right nutrients we can solve many of the current health crises we face today.

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