Birth Control

Family planning and birth control are important issues. With the number of options available today, we can help you can choose the best fit for your needs at any moment in your life. Monarch Healthcare provides several options for birth control for our patients, among them some of the newest and most effective methods.



Tubal Ligation is considered major surgery because it has to be performed at a hospital and it may require a longer recovery time. The other downside of this procedure is that it can be painful and will usually require a longer recovery time and more time off work. If you are looking for a temporary solution, the options range from birth control pills and IUD to Implanon. The pill is an easy and inexpensive option, with a short reversal time, and is usually the best choice if you are younger. Women who have already given birth often decide on IUD and while its effectiveness is quite long, from 5 to 10 years depending on hormonal content, the main downside is the cost. Implanon is an alternative option that is quick, lasts for three years, and has the added benefit of possibly stopping your period after a while.

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